Our School - Principal's message

On behalf of our school community I extend a very warm welcome to Euroa Primary School. Our school fosters a vibrant culture of student-centred learning based on our teaching philosophy and through the creation of flexible, functional spaces. I am extremely proud and honoured to be this wonderful school's Principal and cherish the opportunity to assist in the development of our most precious resource - our children.
Key features of our school include high expectations for all students, high quality teaching and innovative learning experiences. These features provide the strong foundations for life long learning and high levels of student engagement and student connectedness to learning.
All learning spaces and programs promote active student engagement in a caring and well-resourced, and much loved learning environment. We trust that your child will have an enjoyable and successful experience in all aspects of school life and that you will become an integral part of your child’s, and our efforts to achieve success. I assure you that all children will receive the best educational opportunities that we can offer.
On behalf of the staff and school council, I look forward to sharing an enjoyable and exciting journey with you as your child progresses, develops and matures at Euroa Primary School.
Kind Regards,
Maree Moyle
Euroa Primary School