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Designed for Australian schools, eSmart is an initiative of The Alannah and Madeline Foundation. eSmart is a system to help schools reduce bullying and cyberbullying, and to promote cybersafety

The eSmart program embraces modern technologies while promoting and developing a culture of smart, safe, responsible use. There are four 'values' and six 'domains' with specific attributes. A committee of teachers, parents and students will guide the process to create plans, policies and procedures. Also, teachers will participate in professional development to ensure a consistent and diligent approach.

eSmart will involve whole school and community support, and take about 18 months to achieve eSmart status. Any interested parents should read the attached documents or go to the website .... www.esmartschools.org.au .

Euroa P.S. has achieved the planning stage, and during 2013 will complete the implementation stage. 

The EPS eSmart Policy outlines the rationale, aims, implementation, references, and evaluation to promote safe and appropriate use of computers, email, internet and mobile phones. It also has an attachment Internet / Email Acceptable Use Agreement, which is distributed to all students and parents to be signed and returned to school.

9th December 2013 - Euroa P.S. has now achieved eSmart Status. Over the next two years the eSmart Committee will be using the eSmart Domains  and teachers the eSmart Curriculum to 'sustain' the eSmart program. 

Introduction to eSmart 

Introducing eSmart  (PowerPoint)                                                                                                      

eSmart Schools Brochure

eSmart Action Plan

eSmart Domains

Cybersafety Policy 

Internet Tips

eSmart Websites 2013

eSmart Policy

eSmart Curriculum 2014 - 2015

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