Students - Awards

Students are recognised for their 'effort', 'behaviour' and 'achievement' in a wide range of Awards during the year, and also at the end of year Awards night.

The Education Committee have formulated an Awards Policy.

Every day teachers recognise students who display school values and award a GREEN TOKEN. Each Green Token also counts as one House Point for the weekly House Competition, which is announced at Monday morning Assembly.

Each week the Principal, Mr. Ross Davis selects a student for his Principal's Award, which is presented at Friday's Assembly.

Each month the classroom teachers nominate a student who has shown exemplary school values. The Principal then selects a nominated student as 'Aussie of the Month'.

At the end of year students in each year level are selected for Curriculum Excellence Awards in English, Maths, Health & Physical Education, Art, and Japanese.

Also at the School Concert, students in each year level are awarded medals for Scholarship, Studentship and Citizenship.